Motorcycle’s, Riding, and Safety

hen I think of Motorcycle, I think fun. I love to ride and feel the wind in my face. It’s a liberating feeling for me. When I was young I could ride with no helmet and really feel the wind. Oh what stupid days when we felt immortal and that nothing could ever happen to us? After a friend had a terrible crash and almost died, my days of riding without a helmet stopped. Now I spend my time collecting bikes, proping them up on their motorcycle stands, covering them with motorcycle covers for there protection, and riding with protective gear for my protection. Not quite as liberating but a lot safer. Even a pair of alpinestars boots can make a big safety difference.

Choppers with their handlebars high up in the air, and the foot controls close to the front of the bike, just look cool. They have a seat that leans way back. Between the seats position and the handlebars the rider is almost lying on their back with their arms and legs stuck straight out in front. A choppers design definitely has an attitude of its own that can elicit a feeling of fear from observers; no doubt due to movies and stories of Hells Angles and other gang riders.

Sportbikes are much smaller than Choppers. They can be used for racing and street riding. They are styled for speed and aerodynamics. By riding in an almost laying down on you belly position, wind resistance is reduced. The rider also has greater control and stability when negotiating tight turns. The handlebars are short and straight, and close to the body. The bike is built for speed. They look fast standing still. Kind of reminds me of a quote by Mario Andretti, “If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough.”

Touring bikes are easy on the rider. They come with many creature comforts. They can be almost like being in a car. They have stereos, windshields, and even small trunks. On many touring bikes the back passenger rides in comfort sitting in a high backed, padded, rounded seat; many have armrests.

Protective gear should always be worn. At a minimum, helmets should be worn by street rides. Racers and off-road riders also need gloves, boots and suits. Helmets are required in many states; it’s the law. Even in states that don’t require helmets riders should use them. Shark helmets are a great choice. They have been proven time and time again to be the difference between life-and-death. Special gloves and jackets have building in protection to prevent skin and bone damage in a crash. Want to save your knuckles while racing or motocross, wear gloves with knuckle protection. Don’t be a knucklehead, wear your protective gear. Sorry, couldn’t’ resist.

If you love motorcycles you’ve probably already tried out a few different types. It’s all a matter of style and personal preference. Well, maybe a little attitude can thrown into the mix too. The right bike with the correct equipment can be an awesome experience. If you are into touring, racing, or just collecting cool bikes; enjoy the ride.

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