Pete Carroll

Currently the American football head coach and executive Vice-President of the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League. He is a former coach for the USC football team. At USC Pete Carroll was 65-12 (84.4%) in 6 years (2001-2006) as a college head coach (all at USC), the best winning percentage of any current Division I coach with at least 5 years of experience. Under Carroll, USC had winning streaks in a Pac-10 record 33 consecutive home games, a Pac-10 record 23 consecutive league home games, 20 November games, 10 September games, 10 non-conference home games and 6 non-conference road games (not including 4 neutral site contests).

“History has shown we’re a really good second-half football team and particularly strong in the fourth quarter. We count on that.”

“I can’t ask the offense to score slower.”

“Is it human nature that we’re going to be complacent? I don’t see that in any way, … As a staff, we’ve worked harder and longer and recruited more than ever before. Probably the opposite of what you think has happened — we’re more driven then ever.”

“That’s the thing. We can’t learn from our mistakes in something like this. We can’t afford to make a mistake. That’s why it’s so tough to do.”

“In defense of replay, I watched it on television and saw a number of different examples of why it worked out, … It just is not as much fun in the game. You stop and hang around and chat for a while. There is some good and bad to it. I have always liked the rhythm of it [the game] and I don’t like it being shifted.”

“Recruiting is the lifeblood of any program, so you can’t put anything above that, … But it wouldn’t matter who you had here if you didn’t have the right mental attitude and work ethic. You need all those elements to come together to do something like we are doing.”

“We reacted exactly like we should. We had to put a stop to the bad stuff happening before it got too deep and we did that. The defense stopped them for 40 straight minutes and the offense scored seven of the final eight times we had the ball.”

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